Apikaro.in Changelog

v5.6.7 (11-02-2024)

  • Bug Fixed

v5.3.0 – v5.5.0 (19-08-2023)

  • Updated OpenAI Library
  • Library updated to Latest version
  • Bug Fixed

v5.3.0 – v5.5.0 (19-08-2023)

  • Bug Fixed

v5.2.1 (28-05-2023)

  • Library updated to Latest version
  • NEW! Record chatbot incoming and outgoing messages.
  • NEW! Autoreply pause-resume function.
  • FIXED! Security holes
  • FIXED! Bot reply inside group eventhough set “autoreply_group” to NO
  • FIXED! Autoreply & bulk sending error

v5.1.0 (20-05-2023)

  • Library updated to Latest Version
  • Buttons removed
  • HOT! Smileys added
  • HOT! Mobile as Whatsapp Gateway feture added (Now no need to scan QR on our server you will received OTP to add device and your whatsapp api will be ready – this is experimental feature your whatsapp chat get deleted)
  • Bug Fixed

v4.0.3 (11-03-2023)

  • HOT! Send message with Name (Name will be fetch from Excel phonebook)
  • NEW! Insert random Quote at the end of message (Send Message).
  • NEW! Pagination with page number.
  • NEW! Added 7 new columns in phonebook (email, memo, column1, column2, column3, column4, column5).
  • Registration Terms of Use & Privacy Policy
  • Fine tuning openai chatbot from edit device page. ( Please follow openai documentation on openai website )
  • Many minor improvements

v3.4.2 (23-01-2023)

  • OpenAI integration. https://apikaro.in/docs/openai-chatgpt-integration/
  • OpenAI with/without prefix set from device-edit
  • Autoreply/Webhook/Capture/OpenAI in Whatsapp Group. You can set each device enable/disable to answer members inside a Whatsapp group.
  • Edit Webhook contents with internal php code editor.
  • View Rest API code with internal php code editor.
  • User able to self-delete own account from Profile menu
  • Autoswitch sender if OFFLINE set from device-edit

v3.2.0 (02-01-2023)

  • Reset capture-subjects and reset custom webhook file to default (if face problem with capture feature)
  • Each device has control to make bot AUTO READ message automatically (whatsapp message status 2 blue ticks)
  • Ban/Unban user from edit user page
  • Smart REFRESH. It will check for device idle time (check for incoming/outgoing messages).
    By default it will REFRESH device if no incoming/outgoing messages for more than 5 minutes.
  • 10% left outgoing QUOTA warning. Admin Device will send whatsapp message to user main phone number automatically if a user reached 10% left.
  • Capture finish/stop message can be inserted in the subjects now
  • Landing page. The first page users will see when they visit our website
  • (API send) Auto switch DEVICE to other SENDER if current SENDER is OFFLINE or banned
  • Subscribe/Unsubscribe for bulk messages
  • Add/Edit capture subjects with more ease. Reduce human error
  • Add buttons response to capture feature
  • Right-to-Left text direction able to be set per user from menu profile

v2.2.0 (04-12-2022)

  • Major update : NEW FEATURES ADDED :
  • Auto switch DEVICE status to OFFLINE if whatsapp SENDER is banned.
  • Auto switch DEVICE to other SENDER if current SENDER is OFFLINE or banned.
  • Capture export per subject
  • Capture delete per subject
  • Send Whatsapp reminder to topup 1 day before user expired (extended).
  • Expired user will auto renew after topup (extended).
  • You can ask us to activate webhook for your account (By Default disabled)
  • Export captures to excel.
  • Export transactions to excel.
  • Multi-threaded bulk send. Now send campaign parallelly.
  • Data capture bot for making survey or appointments.
  • Multi sender/device to send bulk messages.
  • Number format: decimals, decimalpoint, and separator. Please edit in settings page.
  • Custom VCARD on autoreply. Now can respond other number VCARD, instead of bot VCARD.
  • Message delay with 2 values for random delay min and max.
  • Customer can transfer wallet to another customer.

Bug Fixed :

  • To cancel/stop capture now changed to “capture>>stop” (previously “capture>>cancel”)
  • Max_Outbox is now Max_Outgoing (Send message from SendMessage menu, rest API, autoreply, webhook, all count as Outgoing messages)
  • For privacy reason, transfer from customer to customer will need to type in the usernameFor privacy reason, transfer from customer to customer will need to type in the username
  • Minor Bug Fixed

v1.0.7 (12-11-2022)

  • PAUSE/RESUME bulk message. By default process 20 messages at a time, so will pause until last 20 messages in queue processed
  • ListButtons have its own numOfLists now (settings page add “numOfLists”)
  • Resend FAILED messages can be executed per job_id now
  • FIXED : Duplicate send when sending bulk/campaign message

v1.0.6 (11-11-2022)

  • Bug Fixed : iOS users had problem with autoreply after 30 minutes

v1.0.5 (16-10-2022)

  • List Buttons Messages (For iOS Button Issue Resolution)
  • Device Connection status from api url (No more need to login on our admin panel – Intiegrate with any software for whatsapp scan)
  • Forgot/Reset password link on your whatsapp
  • Copy autoreply from one user to any user (Useful for admin)
  • Admin broadcast message to all users (Now you will receive our panel update on whatsapp)
  • Rest Api send histories will be recorded in Outbox list
  • Option to remove button and media file on autoreply
  • Export Outboxes data by status (PENDING, SENT, FAILED)
  • isonwhatsapp to check if number is registered on whatsapp or not
  • Multi purpose Action button. Edit/show/delete in single button
  • Send Message now support template with image and buttons
  • Message template dropdown in Send Message page, will show autoreply list
  • Delete Outbox send histories and delete Outbox medias if older than 1 month (Improve server Speed and Storage)
  • Improved Search option for Devices, Autoreply, Outbox, Phonebook (Ajax Search)
  • REMOVED! Templates menu is removed. Please add Autoreply and input “keyword” => “_Template_xxxxxxxx” (template name) and “response => “Your template text/contents” (template text).

v1.0.4 (29-09-2022)

  • Bug Fixed
  • Security patch
  • Performance improvement

v1.0.3 (21-09-2022)

  • Bug Fixed

v1.0.2 (18-09-2022)

  • New Fetures Added :
  • Add button type (replyButtons & templateButtons) use replyButtons for IOS compatibility.
  • isonwhatsapp to check if then number is registered on whatsapp
  • Security patch
  • Bug Fixed

v1.0.0 (01-09-2022)

  • New Fetures Added :
  • Multiple Autoreply keywords separated with “,” (comma). Ex: Hello, Hey, Hi
  • Whatsapp Help Button Added
  • Footer text for Button message
  • Export to xlsx (Outboxes and Phonebooks)
  • Automatically delete Outbox history after 1 month
  • Support sending CSV files
  • Support sending LOCATION
  • Bug Fixed

v0.0.9 (09-08-2022)

  • Whatsapp logout button added
  • Delete device/sender will logout your Whatsapp from mobile
  • Fetch group contacts from your whatsapp and save in phonebook
  • Bug Fixed
  • Stability Improved

v0.0.8 (19-07-2022)

  • Whatsapp verification added on signup
  • you can edit phone book in panel
  • you can edit templates
  • Send message from panel with Button can link to chatbot
  • Improved performance

v0.0.7 (09-07-2022)

  • Check message log sent through API
  • Webhook option added
  • defaultautoreply if no keywords matched
  • Send vcard
  • Bug Fixed
  • Improved performance